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Dec 14, 2019

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The Lived Experience - featuring Said el Amir

In today's episode, we talk about:

  • The ability to live the international character of a job role – supported in many ways by sometimes unconventional use of language.
  • We will discuss the need for language, the most international of which by any measure and in almost any field of work is still English.
  • We’ll discuss successful attempts to share knowledge locally and in person, internationally and remotely, not only in English – but in other languages too. We talk about learning from mistakes, and about attitudes and approaches that work.
  • And lastly, one of my favourite topics – improvising -  supplementing your communication efforts by mixing words with action, and learning the rules while being ever mindful of the fact that  your ultimate goal – perhaps – is to be able to break them.

English Coach Podcast - Living the Language